Welcome to the Parents Insights Portal – spot flash trends & opportunities before competitors

Parents Insights is the UK’s only online data portal specifically designed to provide data and insights on parents in the UK, from expecting mothers all the way through to parents of 4 year olds.

Our 24/7 dynamic data portal provides access to ‘real-time’ data, ensuring our subscribers are aware and informed of global and ‘flash’ trends and can, therefore, respond proactively before competitors.

Based on the data we collect, Parents Insights also produce four quarterly reports, to inform subscribers of what Parents are consuming, how they are behaving and what trends are starting to emerge.

Parents Insights survey 10,000 parents each year, collecting responses from 200 different parents every single week and thus gaining 80,000 data points every week.

This means we are the most comprehensive, up-to-date resource available giving brands the power and confidence to track the latest trends quickly and easily.




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